Essay about hobbies

Essay about hobbies

Essay on My Hobby In English

There is a small park at the back. Answer the question in one word: This article has been tagged since June I have come to know the wonders of the plant life. A young person needs all round development of his or her personality. Many professional schools of painting have been established to train children as well as the youth. My father asked to my class teacher in the PTM about my hobby of football.

There are men who are born with silver spoons in their mouth with no work but all play in their lives. The garden has to be kept under a strict check, mowed punctually as the grass grows at a speedy rate during the rainy season, and cleaned at least twice a week. I was so happy. How do you do the hobby with? Make a new friend. When my garden yields fruit and vegetables I feel proud that I have solved the food problem to some extent.

I have learnt the art of vegetable cultivation. Some are fond of singing. It has a green carpet of velvet grass and a small trimmed hedge growing around it. We all have our likes and dislike. After breakfast I put all the necessary books into my bag and get dressed. They are Ramen, Peter and Suleman. Working a few hours continuously tires a man and fatigue sets in. Watching birds, their flying formations, feeds the mind with various geometrical pictures of art.


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