Battlefield 4 assignments problems

Battlefield 4 assignments problems

Battlefield 4 – How to Unlock the DS-3 Decoy (Disinformation)

Yet at the end of a match it seems I can unlock them again? Made In China 50 headshots with the QBU kills with the QBS 50 kills with the QSZ The Assignment title is a reference to the fact that the majority of products are made in China. Rewards include dog tags, vehicle paints, and weapons. However the issue I face is that after it’s completed and I’ve gotten the reward, the game thinks I still need to do the assignment lol.

I have gotten the Shotgun ribbon many times and I have raised and lowered the border gate multiple times but it never counted. Trying to get 5 kills from the tower on PS3 is pretty hard, because the rounds are much shorter, 10 minutes on average, yet we get the same assignment as PS4 and PC who have longer rounds and bigger maps. Click on the Assignment to see a full list of requirements and tips on completing the Assignment.

You have to get a 40mm kill with the m June Hello, I am writing this because I have a problem getting assignments on Battlefield 4. Is this a common problem? Do I need to do it all in one round? Otherwise whats the point. It wont count my 40mm grenade kill everytime I do it.

And have been “grinding” the PDW Veteran assignment. As long as it stays unlocked I am not going to worry about it. IT will count the other ones just not the 40mm kill. That is the correct weapon for this assignment right? October 25, – 10 months 29 days ago Assignments are multi-layered tasks to perform in Multiplayer. Even though I have unlocked all the requirements it just says when i go back to it that i have completed only the assault rifle ribbon x1.

But, it seems like the game does not notices this. If players get a 10 killstreak, then die before landing on the tower, the killstreak will not count. Even my shotgun assignment has reset.

Sorry for the noob question. April So i just bought the playstation 4, With Battlefield 4. Its where you need to get a pistol kill, defrib kill, and a 40mm grenade kill. Some actually require more than one round to complete. In either case the 10 hours must be achieved first. Second Assault is no different. Also- previous assignments from China Rising I have already completed continue to pop up during the same requirement passes.

The only ones that haven’t reset yet are my Assault rifle ribbon and time spent doing something. This accounts for a few of the other assignments. I have recently started going on Assignment runs to unlock new weapons, tags, etc. I even tried completing them a second time after the latest patch, but they still dont show completion.

I have killed 10 soldiers inside the metro but that doesn’t stay and also have done the kill assist x2 in a round multiple times.. Below is a list of several assignments.


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