Solving irans housing problem

Solving irans housing problem

Entrepreneurs Find New Ways to Solve Housing Shortages

In the fourth development plan , which by and large was a continuation of the third plan, the private sector was given a more prominent role; it aimed at the construction of , housing units , in urban areas and 25, in rural areas. They do not have access to ancestral residential land. The government felt that the LIG and middle-income group people could construct houses if land was made available to them on a reasonable price.

The government has also introduced some schemes to curb the housing problem. Also, the ratio of rents to household incomes has gone from Local and cooperative bodies are given such loans. The middle class in Hong Kong always pay their taxes on time and seldom rely on the government for support. The labourers could purchase these houses according to the rules framed by the government. Within Iran, the program is now fused with passionate nationalism. To remove pressures for proliferation of nuclear and chemical and biological weapons in this region, progress needs to be made in constructing a regional security system.

Monday 2 November Although many apartments lie vacant in large capitalist cities, they are inaccessible to low-income working people in need of a dwelling because the rent is too high. Most uranium enrichment techniques take advantage of the very slight difference in mass between the two isotopes, separating out the desired U The Iranian Hercules is to receive the award from the President’s Office on November 2.

To buttress Iran-specific initiatives, an effective nonproliferation strategy should also include steps elaborated in the Carnegie Endowment study, Universal Compliance: In the s, the United States supplied Iran with its first nuclear research reactor, a small 5-megawatt-thermal MWt reactor that is still in operation at the Tehran Nuclear Research Center.

Under this scheme, the people of middle-income group are given loans for constructing the houses. Therefore, they depend on the rented accommodation, which they often share with many others to save money.

Worse still, incomes for most middle-class families have not been going up as fast as inflation, and hundreds of thousands of tenants are paying an unbearable portion of their incomes in rent.


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