Agribusiness tamu degree plan

Agribusiness tamu degree plan

Urban Farming: 100 Quail Egg Laying Production

The agribusiness program also will prepare students for the future through the studies of business decision-making, financing and the production and marketing of food, fiber and bio-fuel products and services.

Electives hours For Additional Information Please Contact: A minor consists of a group of specialized courses, totaling between 15 and 18 credit hours. Students learn how to work with people and how to think organizationally.

The first phase of student teaching occurs on campus for 2 weeks during which students prepare lessons and activities to be used in the second phase. The highlight of the Agricultural Science degree is student teaching. Courses include Educational Psychology, Special Populations, Educational Technologies, Instructional Design, and Program Planning in Agricultural Science.

Mallory Vestal at mvestal wtamu. Select BIOL or , CHEM or , MATH , and ECON to satisfy core curriculum requirements. Agricultural Science provides the foundations for students to earn a degree along with teacher certification in Secondary Agricultural Science.

The curriculum in agricultural leadership and development is multidisciplinary, designed to develop students for leadership positions in local, state, regional, and national organizations and agencies involved in the agriculture industry. Similar to a minor, a certificate requires taking a group of related courses.

Significant emphasis is given to the international dimensions of these programs. Students are educated in the areas of natural resources and environmental economics to become advocates for farm, ranch and water management issues.

This full-semester experience occurs the semester of graduation. The agribusiness program combines the Core Business Knowledge requirements of a degree in business with coursework emphasizing the understanding of the unique institutional and managerial challenges facing agribusiness firms. Search this website Courtney Zuber ’17 takes the stage at the Seattle American Institute of Floral Designers Symposium.


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