Make your own homework planner

Make your own homework planner


This is where you will record your homework assignments from that day. Lay the notebook flat so that you can see both the reverse side of the first page on the left and the front side of the second page on the right.

If you like comics, consider drawing a comic strip or your favorite superhero on the cover. There are some basics that you should probably include, but once you have those in place, you can customize it according to your needs. Decorating the outside is one of the best ways to make your planner just for you. Filled with Weekly Agenda Pages, Calendars, Fun and Useful Forms, and so much more! Take a strip of tape and fold it over on itself so that just the edges of the tape touch the paper between two sections, leaving the fold of the tape sticking out of the stack.

Crafting Your Own Planner 1 Decide what types of planning sheets you will include. Down that left row fill in with your subjects. Use the enter key trick if you know you have 1 teacher who will assign a lot of work, and the dragging to adjust the whole table.

Does it have enough space to write everything in and if you happen to lose it can you print it out again? Course Location – used to help find schools and classes nearby Accounts – used to prepopulate email address when signing up Internet – used to sync with myhomeworkapp.

You can add other sections to this page if there is anything else you need to keep track of. Make sure to write your assignments down every day. With this school agenda, the information normally hidden in the academic planner is now available everywhere. But something smaller will be easier to carry, and it will take up less room in your backpack. Have you been caught unprepared for a test? Staying organized usually requires more than one type of planning list, such as a monthly calendar, a weekly calendar, and a daily to-do list.

Create your section dividers by either using tape or cutting the edges of the paper. Too, I want you to know that many of my options found on Steps 5 — 7 work for this Student Planner so be sure to look over those pages and add in what your teen wants as you build his or her planner. Fill in the table with your subjects, assignments and dates. Method Using a Binder 1 Choose your binder.

It is easy and free. Paints, markers, glue, colored pencils: Have trouble when you study reading what you wrote in your planner? Organizing into monthly, weekly, and daily sections will allow you to keep similar planning sheets together.

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