Atmosphere homework volume 1

Atmosphere homework volume 1

Atmosphere – homework vol. 1 (2002) [full album]

However, if this were true, energy in would be greater than energy out, and the Earth would just keep getting hotter and hotter. From the diagram, the flux of fossil fuel carbon to the atmosphere is 5. If you prefer to substitute different values for miles driven and miles per gallon to reflect your own driving habits, feel free to do so. The western North Pacific is probably your best bet.

Express your answer in gigatons. The atmosphere is largely transparent to incoming solar radiation. In other words, what is the difference between the temperature of the Earth with and without and atmosphere? Did you find a broken link? You are interested in studying climate change and decide you want to construct a very long record of oxygen isotope variations from deep sea sediments.

The earth re-radiates this energy, but at longer wavelengths. This is just a preview! However, at longer time scales, the water will eventually return to the surface and the CO2 would be able to return to the atmosphere. Show your work for all parts. These proposals mostly assume the CO2 would remain sequestered for only a few hundred years.

What does this tell you about global temperatures during this time period? It has been suggested that we could reduce the amount of atmospheric CO2 by pumping it into the deep oceans where it would be sequestered away from the atmosphere.

Before you can say anything about when climate change might have occurred, you have to date the sediments. Does the presence of an atmosphere change the overall energy balance for the Earth? If you wanted to maximize the time the injected CO2 spends in the deep waters, you might choose to inject it in the North Atlantic where the deep water begins its journey.

Everest can be as low as mm Hg, which is why climbers need to bring oxygen tanks for the last part of the climb.


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