Homework zone sede

Homework zone sede


When we got to the ballroom, we found a table already occupied by twin brothers. When we volunteers arrived at the school, we all sat down in a big circle in the auditorium.

This was run with the intention of helping mentors come up with creative activities to do when they finish doing homework with their mentees.

And that really is wonderful indeed. Act as main contact point and support for volunteers and workshop facilitators, communicating via email and social media tools including WordPress and Facebook iv. I went back and forth about it for a week, but in the end, I knew I just had to make it work.

How HZ Works At HZ, we create an oasis for students where they can challenge themselves and nurture positive relationships within the school environment. The kids were very excited and jumpy, which made me very excited. I loved working with kids, and it was always my dream to become a teacher.

Thank you to all those kids who played and talked with us! I got paired up with a third grader named D-. I was paired up with Diego, who literally had the best answers to all of the questions. Now she was talking to the converted because I absolutely adore dogs, but with all the cute stories she told me, I was convinced that I could somehow sneak a dog into my building without my landlord finding out.

I learned that mentoring takes patience, open-mindedness, and perseverance. I hope that these game ideas will inspire you, and I hope to see games like these being played in the upcoming weeks of Homework Zone! Sometimes, though, she was easily distracted and homework completion was slow going. After a couple of minutes, I finally got her name down packed—pronunciation, spelling, and all. We added on something new to the carousel stations that we run at the end of the Orientation — we made a games station!

Will I be a good mentor? As we are in the middle of securing funding for this project in , the funds for the salary have not been made available as of this posting. To access the program, contact Gabrielle. Thank you to Anurag Dhir and Audrey Ottier for organizing the night! After introductions, we went downstairs to the library where we began with homework. After orientation that day, I was so incredibly excited for the first day of HZ at Verdun Elementary.

I asked her if she was with HZ too. Funding will be confirmed by the end of May.


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