Life sentence essay

Life sentence essay

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We cannot be certain of death penalty as a solution to a crime that has been committed. In an article by Steven Silverman, he talks about case of Zachary Watson and Community corrections affect society in which they are practiced by helping the accused try to lead a normal life by helping them when they are out in the community doing specific tasks, such as picking up trash on the side of the road. A mistake is death penalty is something that you cannot take back.

Then a parent meeting is set up to get a full picture of the Alcohol and Drug use. It is a good thing that I know something about this but still it was not enough to make a good essay.

Research has been conducted that proves the vast difference in brain development of a child compared to an adult. Last is that death penalty is irreversible. Although these happen to most people there is that However, when a minor commits homicide we allow them to be sentenced as an adult and disregard their partial brain development and decreased culpability.

Since then, many states have been trying to re-write their laws to figure out what to do with juveniles who commit crimes. Although criminals are a menace to the society, the process by which they are penalized are still important and as such, life sentence in a country like Philippines is more applicable because 1 they are also human beings and they have the right to self-correction through rehabilitation, 2 with the corrupt and unfair justice system that we have, death penalty is abused and 3 death sentence is irreversible.

A juvenile court system was intentionally created and designed to accommodate offenders under a certain age, who committed certain offenses. We all know about the plunder case of Erap.

On my trip to Palawan, we went to Iwahig. This paper will show both sides of the legal issues involved with juveniles serving life sentences, as well as researched data necessary to determine if the offenses committed truly match the punishment. Society does not allow minors to purchase cigarettes or alcohol, enlist into the military or enter into a legal binding agreement such as an apartment lease until the age of 18 or older because of the knowledge that minors are not mature enough to make certain decisions.

These agencies include police, prosecutor, detention, court, probation, and the Department of Juvenile Corrections. Search Our Website Can’t find what you need? SB wants to let the people who are already in prison stay there until they die.

Life Imprisonment VS Death Penalty Crimes are becoming more and more rampant in our country. Life is precious and we live it only once, however, what we do with it is to our own discretion.

A death penalty is irreversible. If everyone who committed a crime was sent to jail, then the jails would be so full there would not be any room left for people who commit An example is poor people. Perhaps searching will help. Eventually You cant come home any more you have a life sentence to prison. When he got out of prison he went to this location that the dealers told him to go to and he got caught with the drugs in his hand.

The Problem The issue of juveniles serving life sentences, for non homicide offenses, is becoming a recognizable problem in the state of Florida and across the country.


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